Natural Baby Gift Set by Plum Island Soap Co.

Natural Baby Gift Set by Plum Island Soap Co.

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What a fun and unique solution to that search for a special baby gift! The collection of natural baby care products and natural soaps and lotions are free of any chemicals or harmful ingredients for your little one. The 1 quart paint can comes topped off with a couple of cute rubber bath toys and includes these completely natural and locally produced products:

1 Bar Baby Soap, 1 Baby Balm, 1 Baby Oil & 1 Rubber Bath Pal.

Baby Balm: A barrier ointment made of pure beeswax and olive oil mixture with just a touch of lavender for healing & antiseptic properties. Wonderful for rashes, chaffed areas, irritations, and protecting delicate skin. 6 oz. jar.

Baby Oil: A blend of pure olive oil with lavender essential. Gentle and soothing, This is a perfect oil for infant massage and moisturizing baby's tender skin after a bath. 4 oz. bottle.

Baby Soap: A 100% all natural, creamy, lathering soap scented with pure lavender essential oil. Soothing, gentle and pure. These handmade soaps are made in small batches with lots of LOVE in a little factory on Plum Island, Massachusetts with high quality vegetable-based ingredients. They use only the finest pure essential oils for scent and all natural ingredients in the recipes. All bars are creamy in lather, pure, gentle and wonderfully scented. 3.5 oz Bar.